Music Reading for Guitarists

A brand new course distilled from over 40 years of teaching. Aimed at students who have some established technique but limited music reading knowledge or skills. Improve your ability to read and write out a basic chart, become more confident with where the notes are on the guitar, be able to read rhythms for both strumming and playing single notes. Also gives some techniques for playing and reading chord melody pieces.

Check out the course outline here.
Available for purchase as single Sessions or the Complete course.
Don't put it off any longer! This course will give you the tools you need to learn how to read music on the guitar.
67 videos, mp3 backing tracks and PDF files with all text and musical examples. 

First 2 Modules are free so you can try it out!

Why do we need a Music Reading Course for Guitarists?

CAGED System Complete. Featured product 

CAGED Chords, Arpeggios, Scales and Morphing.  All 4 CAGED guides packaged together for just $15! SAVE.

This is the 'nuts and bolts' on the layout of the guitar. Using basic chord shapes we can move up and down the neck as a practical basis, we move into Arpeggios, Scales and Morphing. Morphing is where we change a note in the chord to give us a different chord sound. The same can be done with the arpeggios and scales.
These guides will make sure you are headed in the right direction and not getting confused.
Pick up the package now and save!

Here you will find various tuition resources and documents that might be of interest. Let me know if there is anything you would like added! 

Barre Chord Basics Just $1.00!

Barre (bar) chords have long been the giant stepping stone towards being able to play almost any song. 
While the physical aspect of actually playing them just takes time, the management of where to play them and what to call them requires clear and logical explanation of the concepts.
This 4 page PDF booklet is designed for just that purpose. 
It deals with the most common bar chords, the 'E' chord shapes and 'A' chord shapes.
90 chords at your fingertips! Click on the 'Buy Now!' button below. 

 Frameworks Volume 2  only $7.00

The blues! Backing tracks and chord charts. Also included are scale positions and patterns.

This is stuff you just have to know!

 Modal Management  now only $7.00!

Ionian, Dorian Mixolydian.....Mixowhat?

This little guide provides a thorough grounding in the modes of the major scale.

Where they come from, how they are used and other information.

There are backing tracks provided with this course so you can experiment and hear the way the modes sound with a variety of chord progressions.

Theory Units 1-5 only $11.95 

Upskill here! Harmony and theory knowledge presented in this easy to follow comprehensive workbook. Learn about notes, intervals, major and minor scales.

Easy to use workbook format with a test at the end of each unit. Get smart!

 Ultimate Guitar Grade 1  only $11.00

Learn to play properly by following this well constructed course. Students are guided through lessons that will give them the basic skills required to play music on the guitar.

Music reading is taught along with rhythm guitar (chords), theory, songs and player profiles.

Backing tracks provide an invaluable resource for the student as well.

 CAGED Session 1 Chords   $4.95

Unlock the secrets of your guitar with the CAGED system.

Session 1 demonstrates the basics and gives practical applications. Almost everyone learns to play guitar using the CAGED system whether they know it or not!

 CAGED Session 2 Arpeggios $4.95

CAGED Session 2 introduces those all important arpeggios that are based on the chord forms learned in CAGED Session 1. Learn your arpeggios = be a legend!

CAGED  Session 3 Scales $4.95

The wonderful world of scales! These are based on the chord/arpeggio shapes learned in CAGED Session 2.

 CAGED Session 4 'Morphing'  $4.95

Session 4 begins the art of 'morphing' the chords, arpeggios and scales that we are now familiar with into different sounds.

Very cool stuff indeed!


Chromatic Scale poster.doc Chromatic Scale poster.doc
Size : 24 Kb
Type : doc
Key of C Fingerboard harmony.pdf Key of C Fingerboard harmony.pdf
Size : 227.787 Kb
Type : pdf
Dmajor_fingerboard_harmony.doc Dmajor_fingerboard_harmony.doc
Size : 63.5 Kb
Type : doc
Size : 52 Kb
Type : DOC
Fingerboards.pdf Fingerboards.pdf
Size : 18.57 Kb
Type : pdf

 Drum Grooves

01 Hip Hop 85.mp3 01 Hip Hop 85.mp3
Size : 4279.393 Kb
Type : mp3
02 Hip Hop 95.mp3 02 Hip Hop 95.mp3
Size : 3775.047 Kb
Type : mp3
05 Percussive 90.mp3 05 Percussive 90.mp3
Size : 5979.135 Kb
Type : mp3
03 Percussive 110.mp3 03 Percussive 110.mp3
Size : 4901.363 Kb
Type : mp3
06 Rock 120.mp3 06 Rock 120.mp3
Size : 5667.107 Kb
Type : mp3
04 Percussive 128.mp3 04 Percussive 128.mp3
Size : 4219.121 Kb
Type : mp3
07 Rock 160.mp3 07 Rock 160.mp3
Size : 4262.887 Kb
Type : mp3
15 Straight Blues 85.mp3 15 Straight Blues 85.mp3
Size : 6922.414 Kb
Type : mp3
16 Straight Rock 150.mp3 16 Straight Rock 150.mp3
Size : 3682.375 Kb
Type : mp3
17 Straight Rock 180.mp3 17 Straight Rock 180.mp3
Size : 3077.16 Kb
Type : mp3
23 Synco Rock 104.mp3 23 Synco Rock 104.mp3
Size : 6747.574 Kb
Type : mp3
24 Synco Rock 132.mp3 24 Synco Rock 132.mp3
Size : 5279.775 Kb
Type : mp3
Ballad 70.mp3 Ballad 70.mp3
Size : 9598.559 Kb
Type : mp3
Ballad 90.mp3 Ballad 90.mp3
Size : 7476.639 Kb
Type : mp3
Conga Groove 111.mp3 Conga Groove 111.mp3
Size : 4654.748 Kb
Type : mp3
Conga Groove 131.mp3 Conga Groove 131.mp3
Size : 3908.928 Kb
Type : mp3
Gumbo Shuffle 121.mp3 Gumbo Shuffle 121.mp3
Size : 7291.406 Kb
Type : mp3
Gumbo Shuffle 150.mp3 Gumbo Shuffle 150.mp3
Size : 5854.174 Kb
Type : mp3
Gumbo Shuffle 180.mp3 Gumbo Shuffle 180.mp3
Size : 4918.23 Kb
Type : mp3
Hard Rock 140.mp3 Hard Rock 140.mp3
Size : 3934.604 Kb
Type : mp3
08 Salsa 106.mp3 08 Salsa 106.mp3
Size : 3070.797 Kb
Type : mp3
09 Salsa 76.mp3 09 Salsa 76.mp3
Size : 4262.887 Kb
Type : mp3
10 16th Rock 116.mp3 10 16th Rock 116.mp3
Size : 4263.137 Kb
Type : mp3
11 16th Rock 128.mp3 11 16th Rock 128.mp3
Size : 5008.957 Kb
Type : mp3
12 Soft Funk 80.mp3 12 Soft Funk 80.mp3
Size : 4403.131 Kb
Type : mp3
13 Soft Funk 90.mp3 13 Soft Funk 90.mp3
Size : 3919.57 Kb
Type : mp3
14 Straight Blues107.mp3 14 Straight Blues107.mp3
Size : 5509.635 Kb
Type : mp3
18 Swing 160.mp3 18 Swing 160.mp3
Size : 4894.389 Kb
Type : mp3
19 Swing 180.mp3 19 Swing 180.mp3
Size : 4356.42 Kb
Type : mp3
20 Swing 200.mp3 20 Swing 200.mp3
Size : 3925.434 Kb
Type : mp3
22 Swing 250.mp3 22 Swing 250.mp3
Size : 3150.881 Kb
Type : mp3
21 Swing 220.mp3 21 Swing 220.mp3
Size : 3573.309 Kb
Type : mp3
Bo Diddley 104.mp3 Bo Diddley 104.mp3
Size : 7125.125 Kb
Type : mp3
Bo Diddley121.mp3 Bo Diddley121.mp3
Size : 6131.105 Kb
Type : mp3
Edgy Funk 110.mp3 Edgy Funk 110.mp3
Size : 2910.018 Kb
Type : mp3
Edgy Funk 124.mp3 Edgy Funk 124.mp3
Size : 2587.236 Kb
Type : mp3
Hard Funk 92.mp3 Hard Funk 92.mp3
Size : 7742.566 Kb
Type : mp3
Hard Funk 105.mp3 Hard Funk 105.mp3
Size : 6790.117 Kb
Type : mp3
Hard Funk 122.mp3 Hard Funk 122.mp3
Size : 5896.967 Kb
Type : mp3
Hard Rock 130.mp3 Hard Rock 130.mp3
Size : 4284.283 Kb
Type : mp3

 MP3 Player versions. No need to download!

01 Hip Hop 85.mp3

02 Hip Hop 95.mp3

05 Percussive 90.mp3

03 Percussive 110.mp3

04 Percussive 128.mp3

06 Rock 120.mp3

07 Rock 160.mp3

08 Salsa 106.mp3

09 Salsa 76.mp3

Hard Funk 122.mp3

Gumbo Shuffle 150.mp3

Gumbo Shuffle 121.mp3

Gumbo Shuffle 180.mp3

Edgy Funk 110.mp3

Conga Groove 111.mp3

Ballad 70.mp3

10 16th Rock 116.mp3

11 16th Rock 128.mp3

12 Soft Funk 80.mp3

13 Soft Funk 90.mp3

15 Straight Blues 85.mp3

14 Straight Blues107.mp3

16 Straight Rock 150.mp3

17 Straight Rock 180.mp3

18 Swing 160.mp3

Hard Funk 92.mp3

Edgy Funk 124.mp3

Conga Groove 131.mp3

Bo Diddley 104.mp3

Bo Diddley121.mp3

Ballad 90.mp3

Hard Funk 105.mp3