Custom Songs

What do you give to someone who has everything and you can't think of a gift for them?

A custom song written especially for them is the answer!

All I need is a bit of background info and some time to complete it. Written, recorded and sent to you!

After receiving your form (see below), I will contact you directly and get enough details to craft the perfect song for you. Below are some some songs I have co-written and recorded specifically as gifts.


When you consider how your friend will feel when they hear a song  that has been produced especially for them and that you have gone to the trouble of having it written and recorded specifically for them, this is a priceless gift.

Your custom song crafted recorded and presented on CD is only $499!!
Samples of previous songs available upon request. 
If there is someone special you would like to receive this gift, complete the form below and I'll be in touch.

Custom Songs Enquiry

Help me to write the perfect song for you by answering these questions

 Read what others are saying about songs produced by Andrew.

'Andrew makes the whole process of recording so easy. He is so talented that my song came out better than I had imagined it, but he also let me decide what I wanted along the way. Thanks Andrew!' -  Lucy Harriman
'I have worked with Andrew Hobler on various projects over a span of 15 years. He is a breeze to work with, never steps on anyone's toes and still gets the best out of people, even if they are (over) sensitive musicians!! Andrew knows how to set up a comfortable environment and despite his level of skill,  is extremely approachable. I highly recommend him to any songwriter who wants to's so fantastic to hear the outcome but also have fun in the process.'
- Susan Harriman

'I recently received my CD. I have to say I was blown away! Thank you so much for all the work you did to make these two songs a reality. The recording was so professional, as were all the backing instrumentals. My husband came in and thought I was listening to the radio before he realised it was Susan singing. I can't express how grateful I am to have these two songs recorded to such an impeccable and professional standard. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! These recordings will be treasured for a very long time!' -Jesselin Palmer