Living Room Concerts

Living Room Concerts are a fantastic way to socialize, make friends, hear great music and create a 'vibe' in your community.

Living Room Concerts are set in your home in any suitable space.

The concept is quite simple and allows Concert Hosts the freedom to run the concert in their own way. No admission fee is charged but a minimum donation is suggested so that the artists are remunerated for their many hours of rehearsal, preparation, travel and the performance at your very own concert! 

Donation amounts can be discussed with us to ensure your concert guests get value for money and the musicians are happy. That way everyone wins!

You simply invite friends to your home. They can bring a plate of food, dessert, drinks or whatever the host chooses. Some hosts who enjoy catering may also provide food and nibblies. Again, this is up to each individual host.

Artists love this kind of intimate performance because we are able to interact with your concert guests, have guests actually listen to our music and be paid for our work.

The Concert Hosts provide a memorable event for their friends with minimal outlay. We provide music and sound production.

The Host invites guests of their own choosing so there are no gate crashers.

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Living Room Concerts

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