Transposing Chart

Posted by Andrew Hobler on Monday, July 11, 2016 Under: Transposing and capo use
Basic Transposing Chart for Capo use.

1. Simply choose the key that the music is written in from the column at the left.
2. The numbers on the top line are the steps in the scale. 
3. Let's say the song is in the key of C and has C F and G chords in it. (The 1, 4, 5 in the key of C) 
4. F chord can be difficult to get a good sound from and many young students struggle with it.
5. If we look across to the right, you’ll see that it can be transposed into A.
6. C F and G transpose into A D and E respectively. (Easier chords for guitarists).
7. On the far right is a column telling which fret to place the capo on when transposing from C major to A major and using open string chords.

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