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Be a versatile guitarist

Posted by Andrew Hobler on Tuesday, October 18, 2016, In : Theory and Application 
So, I am writing this little blog as someone who read many years ago that versatility is a key way of both enjoying music and making a living from it.

Do you need to be able to play every genre and style flawlessly?

But..we need a little bit of an idea on many styles to be truly versatile.

I know musicians who are fantastic in a cover band situation and take time to learn the parts of every song their band plays. Unfortunately, this doesn't always translate well when required to sight ...
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The Circle of 4ths (Part 1)

Posted by Andrew Hobler on Friday, August 5, 2016, In : Theory and Application 
The Circle of 4ths (or 5ths)

The Circle of 4ths contains a huge amount of information when we understand it in some depth. 
A songwriter may know nothing about the circle of 4ths but use it all the time in their songs. It is particularly useful in performance, composition, playing by ear, improvisation, arranging teaching and general understanding of music.

After playing music for many years, the circle of 4th's has become second nature as so much music uses the movement laid out in it. For exam...

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