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Set up

Posted by Andrew Hobler on Friday, January 27, 2017, In : Guitar Purchase and Maintenence 
A new guitar often needs 'setting up'. This is a little like getting a car that has never been 'tuned' and never having it serviced.
Guitars are precision machines that need to be operating at their best to make it as easy as possible to play, and to make the guitar sound as clean and 'in-tune' as possible.
A good guitar technician ( will look very closely at your guitar and all of the variables that can be changed.
Aspects such as the neck relief (bend), neck tilt, nu...
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Buying your First Guitar

Posted by Andrew Hobler on Tuesday, July 26, 2016, In : Guitar Purchase and Maintenence 



Buying Your First Guitar
Congratulations!! If you are reading this you have probably decided to begin learning the most beautiful and rewarding of all instruments. These brief guidelines come to you with the compliments of your guitar tuition specialist to help you sort through some of the probable questions you may have regarding the purchase of a new instrument.

Where to start?
Most guitar teachers deal with one or two music stores with whom they have developed some tr...

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