I have over 40 years of guitar teaching experience and can take you from being an intermediate player to accomplished guitarist if you are willing to work regularly on your playing. 
All guitarists (regardless of level) want to play better and by setting realistic goals that suit each individual student, together we can achieve your goals in the shortest possible time.

I always ask students why they want to learn and the answers allow me to formulate what is needed to facilitate each student reaching that goal.

Some questions for you

Are you someone who feels they are at a dead end with their playing?
Do you feel you are in a rut?
Are you bored with your 7 song repertoire?
Do you use the same strum for every song?
Do you feel you need more confidence when you play with others?
Is your chord vocabulary limited? (Most decent guitar players answer yes to this question!)
Are you about to start in a big band at school or community band level and don't know how to read a chart properly?
Are you auditioning for University or school band and don't know how to figure out the requirements?
Do you want a better understanding of music theory and harmony?
Do you want to read music well?
Do you need to know the fingerboard more thoroughly?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions I know I can help you if you are willing to follow through with what we do in lessons.

Some answers for you  

The most common issue for most players who say 'yes' to the questions above is that the basic skills of playing have been a bit hit and miss. We can remedy that with a dedicated practice/study time each day and the correct materials and training.

What I can do for you

I can take you through exams (ANZCA Modern Guitar is my preference), prepare you for high school music extension performances, prepare you for tertiary auditions, help you with songwriting, help you if you are stuck in a rut, draw out your inherent musicality, teach you improvisation, playing in a band, solo guitar, jazz, blues, classical, rock, country, funk, 'campfire' guitar, playing in your church band, accompanying vocals, music reading, chord chart reading, building your chord vocabulary, fingerstyle, acoustic or electric and mandolin. I also own a banjo (please don't spread that around!)  

Most importantly,
we work on this together to ensure that your musical goals are being met and that you grow in confidence with your music making.

If you've been playing for a while and have 'guitarists block' contact me and we'll get things rolling for you.

Why study with me when there are so many options online?
I can formulate a curriculum based on your musical goals that will help you to get there as fast as possible. I use materials that have been prepared and presented over the last 35 years to hundreds of guitarists that are specific and goal oriented.

If you are studying Improvisation with me, I will provide free access to backing tracks relevant to your study.

 So contact me and I'll help you to get where you want to be with your guitar!

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What others have said about lessons with Andrew

"Andrew Hobler was my first guitar teacher and I studied with him for three and a half years before beginning jazz guitar at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. During my time with Andrew, we covered rock, pop, musical theatre, funk, Latin, jazz and classical guitar styles. Andrew’s experience in many genres and friendly attitude creates a supportive learning environment for anyone from beginners to advanced players. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to play the Gold Coast Arts Centre’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2014 with Andrew, and learned a great deal regarding industry and musical skills. Being alongside someone with Andrew’s professionalism and experience made slotting into the band much smoother. I would recommend Andrew to anyone wanting to learn guitar and I am sure he will direct your playing from where you are to where you want to be". Jono Fraser, Queensland Conservatorium of Music Jazz student.

Lessons are $35 per half hour and $70 per hour. These are payable at least one month in advance. You may pay for a full term if you wish. 
There is also a materials fee of $45 per term (or pro rata) to cover the cost of teaching resources including most books, (some specialist texts are not covered in this fee), video lessons, printing handouts and time spent transcribing music for students. This makes it easier for parents as they are not required to order music books etc.
This fee doesn't cover the cost for strings, picks or other accessories. 
 Contact me for details.

Teaching Philosophy

Follow the links below.  The first two files give an idea of my basic teaching philosophy.

Go to the resources page to find backing tracks, course materials and other stuff!